It's time to simplify off-campus housing.
Better and faster leasing for apartment and house rentals.
Finding and securing a home to rent with your friends should be easier. With OneRent, your group will stand out from others applying and get to sign the lease faster.

For Renters


Create a tenant group and search for your favorite houses or apartments near campus.


Fill out a OneApp application and use it to apply to any listing you want.


Close the deal online with an electronic signature for the lease and secure online payments.

For Landlords

Trusted by over 160 property owners and managers. Processing over $1 million in security deposit and rent.

A Smarter Way to Rent

Renting your property on OneRent is simple and more efficient. List your property for free and tenant groups can apply when they are ready to pay. The OneApp application allows landlords and property managers to find the most qualified tenants at a fraction of the amount of time and cost that it used to take.

Find the Market Value for Rent

You can rent your property out at a fixed price of your choosing or elect to use OneRent’s unique sealed-offer model. All you have to do is set your asking price and when tenants apply, they will include their offer for rent. This helps you determine the true market value of your rental.

Launching at Santa Clara University
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